**The Cambridge Guernsey County  Health Department made an error in the recent mailing for the Aeration System Inspection Program. The phone number listed for Pattison Aerator Repair was not correct. The correct phone number is (740) 432-5809. Please contact Pattison Aerator Repair, 65641 Cabin Hill Road, New Concord Ohio 43762 or visit their website at www.pattisonaeratorrepair.com. We apologize for this error and the inconvenience for all our homeowners on the program, Pattison Aerator Repair and the homeowner whose number was given out in error. Please call Rose Ball, Administrator at (740) 439-3577 ext. 7252 with any questions or concerns.**
  • Project DAWN
  • Birth and Death Certificates
  • Women's Health Services
  • Environmental Health Programs
  • Flu Shot Clinics
Project DAWN Information Flyer
The Cambridge Guernsey County Health Department is a member of Project DAWN which is a community based education and naloxone distribution program. Click to read more and download the program flyer.
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Need a birth or death certificate?

The fee for each certified birth or death record is $22.00. The Cambridge Guernsey County can now provide you with a birth certificate if you were born in the state of Ohio. In 2010 the health department was granted access to provide birth certificates from the Ohio Department of Health statewide issuance site. Death Read More


The health department currently offers women’s health services through the family planning clinic operated at the health department. This clinic provides women’s health care (pap tests, clinical breast exam, mammogram referrals, pelvicexams, routine lab work), family planning education, supplies, counseling and referrals for smoking cessation. A nurse practitioner sees patients on Tuesdays with clinic hours 8:00 a.m. to 5:30

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Sanitarians Busy Keeping Us Healthy

Many people assume that sanitarians are the folks who collect the garbage every week, or make sure that public buildings are kept clean.  While these jobs are a very important part of proper sanitation, a sanitarian is a person who is an expert in public health and sanitation.  

Way back in 1955, a man

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2016 Flu Shot Clinics

Cambridge-Guernsey County Health Department
2015 Flu Shot Clinics

Medicare and Medicaid payment will be accepted for flu vaccination of adults, as well as cash and check. Medicaid and Medicare cards MUST BE PRESENTED at the time of service. Flu vaccine is available to adults without Medicare or Medicaid at a cost of $20. The Ohio Department

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