326 Highland Ave, Cambridge, OH, USA

The Cambridge Guernsey County Health Department receives grant funding through the Ohio Department of Health for services provided through the CFHS grant.

Recently the Community Health Assessment for Guernsey County has been funded with these grant dollars. CFHS project dollars were used to contract with Wright State University to begin the process of the CHA for Guernsey County residents. A phone survey was completed in November and December 2012. Results and data gathered were analyzed and compiled into a draft report. Statistics and findings have been added to the report and a final draft report was complete. A committee of community stakeholders are reviewing the document for comment and input as well as suggestions for improvement. Strategic planning will be the next step to complete the process.

Obesity in children is the second objective that is targeted with CFHS grant monies. The health department is providing nutrition services in 2 head start programs which address eating healthy and exercise. Each head start program will be visited five times each to complete the project. We hope to reach 100 or more children.

Improving access to perinatal care is the third objective that is targeted. When a patient has a positive pregnancy test staff members work closely with them to insure access to medicaid coverage if eligible. Appropriate applications are completed at the visit and couriered to DJFS daily for processing. The patient is also introduced to the WIC program at the health department to determine eligibility and appointment scheduling. Each patient receives educational materials and referral information for services provided by other community agencies to provide early prenatal care.

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